First round of bugs, squashed!

After the wonderful testers have completed their rigorous testing and attempted breaking of the game,  I have a looong list of things that require my attention. I actually love getting bug reports as I know that if I fix the highlighted issue, a member of the public won't be able to find it! The more stable my game is, the better the overall experience! 

Here is the patch report, for the latest update. 

  1. Health is being carried over and not reset on level reset/change - Health now resets on level restart /change
  2. Sky Castles 3 can't end, the chest doesn't spawn - Chest now spawns properly, as it should
  3. Hitting nothing and hitting an enemy have the same feeling, change that - added a camera shake to the attack, but, only when connection with the enemy occurs.
  4. Snowlands 1 switch isn't giving control back to the player - Switch is no longer being selfish and gives back control.
  5. textures on Snowlands have black patches - textures have lost black patches. 
  6. texture on the inside of the broken rock on snowlands needs fixing - texture on inside of the demolished areas no longer showing the checker board pattern
  7. Check all subtitles for typos - Typos fixed (hopefully)
  8. Snowlands textures are black again - No they aren't
  9. check the collision boxes on mage character. Make sure they aren't set to visible - not visible. 
  10. add a floor under the rotating drums on AR1 - floor added. 
  11. Add a particle effect on enemies when you kill them. Maybe a screenshake on enemy kill as well. - camera shake added, as well as enemy counter for the level
  12. Make the hand token on the tutorial, 'respawnable' - is now respawnable
  13. Credits showing whites dots at bottom of screen - not anymore they aren't
  14. Stop the tutorial Voice Over after completing the tutorial - stopped! 
  15. Disable player movement when activating switches - disabled and then given straight back after switch has finished.
  16. Increase subtitle font - font increased!
  17. Check for focus lost on pause screen - focus lost on pause screen now defaults to the continue button
  18. Adjust the stairs for AR3 and add a small section that the hand can visibly get through - model edited to have a visual gap so is less jarring and makes more sense. 

That's all for now! More to come over the next few days! 

Thanks for reading. 

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